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Thread: File Sharing

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    File Sharing

    I am sure this is something that has been covered time and time again but I am strugling to find my answer. I am trying to share files between two computers. One is a desktop running 9.10 while the other is an Asus EEE PC runing NBR. Using this guide

    I was able to setup my desktop to access the files on the Asus. My issue is doing the reverse. Where I am hitting a wall is connecting to a server as there is no places menu. Is there a way around this, preferably something easy.

    Thanks in advance and I am sorry if this is redundant.

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    Re: File Sharing

    I don't use UNR, but this might help:

    Quote Originally Posted by Casey_
    I had the same difficulty and this thread was all I found so I did some digging and experimenting and here's what I ended up doing.

    Right-click in the absolute right corner of the top menu and select "Add to Panel..."

    Scroll down and choose "Main Menu" and click "Add" and "Close"

    You now have the nice menu that you're used to.


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