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Thread: Keyboard backlight for G51Jx

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    Smile Keyboard backlight for G51Jx

    Greeting all,
    Everyone who wants to get keyboard back-light functioning under Ubuntu 9.10 listen up. Attached you will find an archive with a patched asus-laptop module which supports keyboard backlight. You will need to:

    1. Uncompress the tarball
    2. Run to build the module
    3. Remove the old asus_laptop module (sudo rmmod asus_laptop)
    4. Insert the newly build module (sudo insmod asus_laptop.ko)

    As root run:
    echo NUMBER > /sys/class/leds/asus\:\:kbd_backlight/brightness, where number is between 0 and 3 depending in the desired brightness. This tar-ball also includes kdbd.c which simplifies the process. Simply build it using gcc -o kdbl kdbd.c and the run as root:
    ./kdbl up
    ./kdbl down
    depending on if you are turning the brightness up or down. I tested this code on ubuntu x64 9.10, but with 10.04 around the corner I hope this will work out of the box. I will provide limited support for this code, welcome to open source
    Peace, Tusk.
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