I'm running an up-to-date installation of Lucid, and have come upon a little problem. It seems that applications are having trouble communicating with gnome-keyring-daemon.

When I connect to wireless networks -- even ones that are in the network manager -- it always asks me for a password.

Gwibber is crashing because it can't connect to the gnome keyring daemon.

And when I open the Passwords and Encryption Keys utility (on the Accessories menu), I get the error: "Couldn't communicate with key ring daemon."

I have verified that the daemon is starting up when I log in, that all of the appropriate keyring-related login items (certificate and key storage, secret service, & SSH key agent) are in place, and that the keyring works in other accounts on my machine. I have tried deleting my extant keyrings, but that has produced any success. And when I kill and restart the keyring daemon once I'm already logged in, the problem seems to abate.

I'm kind of at a loss here. Any help?

PS -- By the way: I don't know if it matters, but for OS X compatibility purposes, I'm running as a UID under 1000.