Hey everyone. I've been playing around with a theme for a little bit just for fun. But I'm running in to some problems.

I tried it out on Ubuntu 10.04 just to see how it looks, and it doesn't work well with Nautilus 2.30. I can't find a way to theme the Places background separate from the Pathbar background. I think Nautilus treats them both as one bar now... although you can enable/disable them independent of each other.

I use
class "*Nautilus*Window*"
to color the background behind "Places". It works fine in Nautilus 2.28, but in 2.30, as you can see in picture 3, it colors the Pathbar/Locationbar and also the Statusbar grip for some reason.

Picture 1: How it looks with Elementary Nautilus (What I'm using)
Picture 2: How it looks in Nautilus 2.28 (Eh)
Picture 3: How it looks in Nautilus 2.30 (Bad)
Picture 4: The best I can get it in Nautilus 2.30 (Bad)

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 4

Anyway, any help would be great. Or if anyone knows a better place to direct this question (Is it a 'bug'? ), that would be awesome too.

I have a few more problems, but this one is bothering me the most right now, but if you all don't mind, maybe I could ask a few more?


- Darin