Here is my dilemma:

I have a small network behind a firewall. The network consists of 2 servers and 2 clients separated by a router. On the top side of the router, I have a firewall with a connection to our corporate network. Our corporate network, is of course, firewalled from the internet.

So basically I have a router with three interfaces. One goes to the client network, one goes to the server network, and one goes to the lab firewall.

My two servers are a DHCP server and a DNS server. The clients request a DHCP address, and the DHCP server in turn reports to the DNS server that it just issued an IP address to "". Now I can browse "" with the new DCHP IP address. This works for my local network within my lab, and also within my corporate network, but not for the internet. I can't do an nslookup on, for instance.

The problem that I'm having is my corporate network requires us to use a proxy server for all web browsing. So, in my firefox browser, I have the proxy server set up to proxy all web connections. This works great for firefox, but if I use the apt-get command in the terminal window, nothing works because the machines can't resolve

I gave you all this information to find out if there is a way to proxy a DNS connection directly on the internet. If so, would I have to use those internet DNS Servers as my forwarders on my DNS server or would I proxy it somehow through the internet?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm willing to try all suggestions at this point.