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Thread: Ad hominem

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    Ad hominem

    I have had enough ad hominem attacks. For a description of what these are, see the next paragraph:

    'Ad hominem' is Latin for 'to the person'. What it means is that a member attacks another member rather than attacking the idea posted. Such attacks (e.g. name calling) have plagued me almost the whole time I have been active here. This is exactly what made me as arrogant about the CoC as I am, and I am requesting a moderator crackdown on ad hominem attacks.

    Not to mention, I also have made it clear that I am here to carry Bill Gates' intellectual gifts into FOSS, ready to defeat Bug 1. I have the same disorder, as well as the same gifts, as Gates, but am ready to give to FOSS, unlike him. Yet I am being attacked for something as simple as wanting to be called by my real name. It's time the Mods crack down on this.

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    Re: Ad hominem

    You just returned from a temporary ban and have already had several threads/posts removed/jailed. I submit that you did not learn your lesson and it is time for us to part ways. Goodbye.
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