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Thread: Triple monitor nvidia+intel

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    Triple monitor nvidia+intel

    After some major hair tearing, I have finally managed to run both my on-board Intel GMA 3100 (82Q35) and PCI nVidia FX5200 video cards simultaneously, but I am still not pleased with the result: Xinerama won't work, the Intel monitor runs on it's own X session, which sucks. Also, normally, with TwinView on nVidia monitors, i can maximize a window to the size of the monitor, however, since I've added Intel to the game, TwinView does not function this way, it maximizes over both nvidia monitors.
    If I turn Xinerama on, none of the monitors display any meaningful output, and I have to REISUB into recovery mode to cancel Xinerama.

    Unfortunately, I won't be able to post my xorg.conf at the moment, as the above computer is not connected to the internet, however, I am pretty confident in my xorg.conf skills (was messing around this one for quite a while).

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    Re: Triple monitor nvidia+intel


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