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Thread: Two Fans - Help with Placement

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    Two Fans - Help with Placement

    I have two 120mm fans that I plan to mount on my case cover. In addition, I plan on drilling holes in the case for airflow.
    However, how should I place the two fans? Should both fans be blowing cold air in? Should one fan be blowing hot air out? Should both fans be blowing hot air out? The objective is to cool down my graphics card.

    Hopefully someone can help me out
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    Re: Two Fans - Help with Placement

    Drilling holes in teh case can actually make things warmer. It can also be risky, little bits of metal dont combine well with motherboards/video cards/hdds/optical drives, etc.

    Normally a good way to mount the case fas is one at the front, blowing in, antoehr at the back, suckign hot air out. What exact layout is best would depend on what is already in the case, power supply fan layout, etc.

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