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Thread: Session does not start on existing user in Kubuntu

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    Session does not start on existing user in Kubuntu

    I recently upgraded from Kubuntu 8.10 to Kubuntu 9.10.

    At first I had problems loading the nvidia drivers, but using the "vesa" driver, the session loaded properly.

    It took a great deal of tinkering to get the nvidia driver to load, and in the process I corrupted some file loaded by the session manager. When I log in, the backgroudn is black, the task bar does not load, and only karm loads. However, I am able to open windows and run applications using the display.

    I created a new test user, and had the full session the first time I logged in.

    I am enclosing my xession-errors file.

    I don't want to just delete my .kde folder, since I am worried about what I might lose. Are there particular files I can delete to solve this problem?
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