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Thread: Why no trivial option for folder sharing over internet?

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    Why no trivial option for folder sharing over internet?

    Hi everybody,

    I've been looking for a easy way for simple users (newbies) to share folders over the internet with friends. I found almost nothing about it, in both Windows and Ubuntu, as people usually recommend online sharing (as dropbox and Ubuntu One, which is not what I ask for) or ssh, ftp and related, which are usually not trivial to set up for simple user and you need to install a nice GUI for the client.

    Why isn't there a simple way as a right-click menu option, then choosing some user/password and having it available over some iport? Something like local network file sharing.

    This seems like an incredible tool to have...

    I found this in brainstorms, but no update for a long time:

    Any opinions?


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    Re: Why no trivial option for folder sharing over internet?

    The only program that I know for that is BaShare (in the repos), but you can't share a folder with it, only files. And if your friend sends you a file, a popup appears in your desktop and ask you to select a destination folder to save the file (you cant leave the program running and automatically recieve the files). It's not perfect, but maybe worth the try.

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