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Thread: Welcome to the Forums - Introduce yourself here

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    Cool Re: Welcome to the Forums - Introduce yourself here

    Hi, i am new!

    Everyone can meet me at: Oengraxado

    I started using Ubuntu recently, but I've been enjoying it a lot. It's quite different from what people said, that there was a need for command lines for everything else.

    One day I'll be Pro on Linux.

    Thank you!

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    Re: Welcome to the Forums - Introduce yourself here

    I have been here since December, but just realized I forgot a formal introduction.

    Mike Gilmer. Married for 18 years to my wife Tina. I am 2.5 years away from the big 50, but act like I am 20 - much to the chagrin of my wife.

    I worked in retail management for many years, before quitting the rat race and becoming self-employed as a full-time rock, fossil, and meteorite dealer.

    Started using computers in the mid-80's with a TRS-80 at school and Commodore 64 at home. I learned C64 machine language, BASIC, and dabbled in Pascal.

    I was a DOS and Windoze man until December of 2018 when I finally decided to kick Microsoft to the curb and embrace the world of open source and Linux.

    When not tinkering around with flavors and desktops, I study/collect space rocks and watch ice hockey (Tampa Bay Lightning). I have a Florida state permit to hunt fossils on public land and I spend much of my winters down here stomping around in gator and snake infested rivers looking for ancient bones and teeth. My wife and I have a small travel trailer and also enjoy boondocking in remote wilderness areas (no RV parks).

    So there you have it. Everything you really didn't need to know. LOL.
    Lenovo Ideapad Laptop (81CW) - Linux User #624832
    Pentium CPU 4415U (2.30GHz Quad x86 : 64bit), 4g RAM
    Intel HD Graphics 610 Kabylake GT1 (1366x768, 14" LCD)
    Western Digital 500g HDD, Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

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    Re: Welcome to the Forums - Introduce yourself here

    galacticstone - what is the future like? I see you've been there.

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    Re: Welcome to the Forums - Introduce yourself here

    hello I introduce myself I am marcos gallego perez, I am new in this forum. I'm going to tell you some things about me: I am of Spanish nationality I am 20 years I'm studying Computer Engineering I am a boy I started using ubuntu a while ago and it has taken me out of a lot of problems, I think it was in 8.04 if I remember correctly. I hope to start well contributing and that you help me too. I say goodbye coordinately.

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    Re: Welcome to the Forums - Introduce yourself here


    My name is Joe. I joined this forum back in 2015 but never formally introduced myself. I am a investigative journalist and content writer in profession. I write about the tech field and related subjects in the tech industry. I recently graduated and am now taking my free time to teach myself javascript and whatever else I'm interested in. I've been distro-hopping for a while now but I plan to stay with Ubuntu for my main workstations. Hopefully I can continue learning and help in any way that I can.

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    Re: Welcome to the Forums - Introduce yourself here

    Welcome extremsquad and Joe_G. !
    “Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can".

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