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Thread: 10.04 liveCD error.

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    10.04 liveCD error.

    Hey guys i am trying to dual boot 10.04 with windows.

    Windows works fine and i have 200g of unallocated space for ubuntu.

    When i boot from my burned iso image i get the following error

    (this is not word for word) "The disk has encountered an in-recoverable error.

    Please restart your computer or try the installation again".

    Note: I have tried re-burning to a different DVD still the same thing,

    Also just to test it out i successfully upgraded from 9.10 to 10.04. But i want a clean install not a upgrade.

    Any help would be awesome.

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    Re: 10.04 liveCD error.

    Encase i was not clear on my problem.

    my LIVECD will boot up as soon as it attempts to boot the installer i get the "unrecoverable error".

    And like i said before i have tried reinstalling/re burning both 32 and 64 bit disks,

    Also 9.10 is now successfully installed and i have UPGRADED to 10.04 successfully but i would like a CLEAN install.

    I have been searching the forums and have not found anyone with a similar problem.

    MY computer can obviously run 10.04 but it will not boot the installer from the disk. I burned the CD at the lowest possible speed.

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    Re: 10.04 liveCD error.

    sounds like this bug:

    And it seems to have been fixed, now only to be updated in the next daily image!


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