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To the best of my abilities I stick to ubuntu forum rules.
I have no intention to go on forums to deliberately offend people.
I have helped more people on ubuntu forums than have helped me.

My post was not about the infraction(or lack of one), it was about the heavy handed way that it was delt with, also the fact that by removing the post you removed his right to his opinion.

If you dispute my right to question your "Authority" then you dispute my right to freedom of speech as well.

why do you need more than one moderator to mobgang me. one mod per thread should suffice? should it not? or do you need back up? A quick link to the forum rules would be enough.
two mods. heavy handed. again.

I'm going to see if I can fix someones ubuntu problem's elsewhere on this forum cause this is going nowhere.
Thank you.
As has been pointed out to you, these are moderated forums, so while you are entitled to your opinion you are not free to post your opinion on these forums using any language you wish.

You agreed to the terms and conditions when you registered an account here, but here is a link outlining the code of Conduct:

Ubuntu Forums - CoC

We use infractions to remind you of our terms. If you do not find the terms agreeable the solution would be to deactivate your account.

The resolution center is the place where you may discuss your concerns with all the administrators, so any and all of us may respond.