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Thread: TaylorType alpha testing needed!

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    Lightbulb TaylorType alpha testing needed!

    Please help to test this program! It would be appreciated very much!

    Hello everyone!
    I have been writing a small LaTeX gui frontend for my father, who has a limited computer literacy but needs to use LaTeX for his Phd thesis.
    It is a small program written in python which will compile any LaTeX document you give it with a single click. The emphasis is on a very lightweight and simple gui, the only interaction happens in the system tray, with two file selectors and a checkbox.

    All it is is a small icon in the system tray, which can be configured to compile any LaTeX document.

    It has some simple preferences, an option for different pdf viewers will be added soon.

    It currently supports error messages for both LaTeX and BibTeX.

    It uses gtk for the frontend and pure python for the backend.
    It depends on LaTeX, BibTeX and common gnome components. including pynotify and gconf.

    Please give some feedback for this, and how to improve. The code is currently very messy state and needs some improvements.

    Main code is hosted here:

    Cheers, Louis
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