Hello, I'm Jim, from just south of Wichita.

I've been using Ubuntu for about 2 years total. I rescently discovered the LoCo Team here, and from what I can see it seems to be fairly in-active. aside from my post the last one i can see is from 2 weeks ago....

I would like to get this group going a bit better if possible.

Some ideas are to maybe hold weekly or monthly meetings somewhere close to Wichita as the majority of people in the state are here. Some meeting discussions can be a weekly topic (example: Webcam recording, Browser choices), you may even want an open discussion to help solve problems people are having within the group (Example: Webcam is not working).

Create some flyer's and CD's, hand them out around colleges, high schools, and libraries, and various other public places.

Any events that involve Computer tech and software would be good to do this at too.

the problem most kansans have is most of us are kind of on the anti-social side. which makes getting teams/groups/clubs and such hard to get going properly.

Hopefully I have contributed a bit by posting a couple ideas. Hope to hear back from someone soon.