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    Hello Fellow Mainers.

    I am back in Portland after spending 4 years doing online college up in the back woods of Lisbon, by Lewiston. i went to High School way up at Foxcroft Academy - Dover-Foxcroft. is not working for me and I'm not sure how current any of the Maine Ubuntu Loco support is but I'm working on a fairly big project right now and would love to restart/ take over/ or otherwise support whatever is available.

    I recently purchased (website not even started) which was intended to simply be a central place to work on an Ubuntu derivative integrated with Google services but now with ChromeOS out I'm not so sure there will be a demand. The culmination of the past 2 years researching and developing while going through college has put me in a place where I feel like open source is the key to bringing tech jobs and reducing knowledge loss to the state of Maine.

    I am currently involved with the East Bayside Neigborhood Organization (eastbayside.ord - EBNO) who recently recieved a large grant toward sustainable community development. Tuesday and Thursday last week I made presentations which found huge support even though the ears didn't fully understand what I was proposing. I am trying to start an Open Source community development center in the most diverse neighborhood in New England. With 72 languages in our local high school alone I think Ubuntu is the key to bringing everyone together on to the same page and opening the door to further community driven open source development.

    I am also still trying to covertly convince Google to choose Portland as it's site for fiber optic network. My ultimate intent is to put Maine on the technology map in a community driven way that I think Maine would sincerely appreciate.

    If interested in working with either an Ubuntu/Google derivative or the Portland open source development center or if anyone has any information which might be helpful please eMail me at I will need help with all aspects of this as I am literally just a lone ranger with lots of contacts and possible access to a chunk of this grant at this point.

    The first project I wish to work on is a variation of my Ubuntoogle device using Edbuntu on a thumb drive and get one of these into the hands of every student at Portland High School. Furthermore, getting these students used to Ubuntu Linux will enable them to spread the word throughout their neighborhoods. Other Open source projects I hope we can work with are Ubuntu, Apache, MySQL, KVM, Drupal, Chromium and VLC.
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