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Thread: All Music Players {except RBox} freeze

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    All Music Players {except RBox} freeze

    ok, so i've had this problem for a long time now.
    it first started with SongBird (R.I.P.).
    so, i would fire it up, and play a song... and it would play fine. but any time i tried to skip a track, switch playlist, or pretty much do anything instead of just letting it play, it froze on me.. well, not completely frozen, but the application just grayed out for a while and became unresponsive. most of the time for a minute or so.. then it would become responsive again, but only until i clicked something else inside the program.. then it would freeze again for another minute..

    well, got tired of this and blamed it on Songbird being bloated and taking too much resources (even though i have a decent system, i think. i'm running 64bit KK,6GB RAM)
    so anyway, i just gave up on SB, and went to Banshee. same thing happened. always froze anytime i didn't just let it play..
    so i tried exaile, listen, amarok...
    they all had the same issue...

    the ONLY music player i can use that doesn't freeze on me is rhythmbox. and while RB is a decent and capable player, i prefer others, but this problem makes other players practically useless..

    is there anybody that could point me to the right direction to find a solution to this??
    or at least an explanation as to why this happens? and why it happens only with my music playing apps??

    edit: btw, i just tried banshee again for like the 125155th time, still freezing.
    also, i noticed it took a lot of resources. for some reason, even though it was idle, it took a lot of cpu, memory, and hd.
    i have no idea why..
    any input would be appreciated..
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