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Thread: Explanation...?

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    Ok. So let me get this straight...

    - I post the w32codecs are legal
    - Kassetra disagrees with me, but is very rude
    - Kassetra turns my post into a thread in the backyard
    - Kassetra and bored2k are rude in that thread
    - I post a thread in the resolution center about the rudeness
    - KiwiNZ ignores my concerns and bans me for no reason
    - KiwiNZ (in email) ignores anything I say and says how I need to aggree not to break any rules and how I broke rules
    - I ask many many times what I did wrong, but never get an answer
    - KiwiNZ unbans me (after 4 or 5 days) and just bans me from the community chat for two months(where 99% of my posts are anyway)

    If you dont see a problem with that timeline then something is wrong.

    As of yet I still have not gotten anything from a staffer about the rudeness of Kassetra, KiwiNZ, and (in this situation to a lesser extent) bored2k. And also as of yet I still dont know why I was accually banned.

    The only things I can think of is that I was banned for disagreeing with kassetra, and if that is the reason, it's just pathetic. And if its against the rules to talk about the w32codecs then be sure to also ban kassetra, bored2k, ubuntu-geek, and most of the forum.

    Oh, and contrary to what bored2k thinks, I most definitally do not have fun with all this. I hate it. I just wish I would be fully unbanned and the staff members that have treated me unfairly and rudely would admit their wrongdoings and start being nice.

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    Re: Explanation...?

    Xequence your interpretations of events is flawed.

    1.Kassetra and bored2k have not been rude to you.Advising you (on many occasions) they you are breaching Forum policy and asking you to cease is not being rude it is doing the job they are required to do.

    2. You have been advised on countless occasions what you are doing wrong.I have explained in several emails to you.
    You stated that as much in your post here "KiwiNZ (in email) ignores anything I say and says how I need to aggree not to break any rules and how I broke rules"

    You recieved many request to cease your posting regarding priracy etc.It was you that chose to ignore those request and continue posting.

    The staff of Ubuntu Forums are not prepared to allow that activity to place Ubuntu Forums at risk of litigation.

    You have also failed to understand that membership of these forums and posting on the forums is a privillage not a right. You also agreed to abide by the rules of this forum when you established your account here.

    Your ban was lifted conditionally and you were granted restricted access rights to these forums for a probationary period.Alowing to participate in technical discussions but not the Community Chat forums.

    It is noted that your first actions after your ban was lifted to to post in the Community area after you were advised not to and to place an inappropriate signature on your account. This is contrary to your probational re admittence.

    This account is not active.

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    Re: Explanation...?

    xequence -
    As we have shown you multiple times, what you were claiming was legal, was, in fact, illegal.

    People PMd staff and administrators, asking us to remove your posts from the thread, because since you were promoting illegal activities, we would have to close/jail the thread; we felt it was a reasonable request and moved your posts to the backyard while gathering the information to show you that it was illegal. After we presented the facts, the thread was closed.

    At no time was I ever rude to you. I was blunt because you had been warned numerous times before not to post illegal activities, personal attacks, and flamebait.

    Many of the staff have now been very blunt with you because you refuse to take responsibility for your own actions and instead blame everyone else. When you break the rules of the forum, you are admonished. It is not because we are singling you out, it is because you have chosen to break the rule.

    We have been more than nice in trying to get you to understand that you broke the rules and to please comply. We have given you far more chances than we should have to adjust your behavior.

    Instead of owning your actions, you persist in blaming others.

    You were given a probationary period in which to improve your behavior. You have again chosen not to comply with the rules and have persisted that you are being unfairly targeted.

    You may not post illegal activities here.
    You may not make personal attacks.

    You have violated both of these rules time and again, and you choose not to accept your own responsibility. If you cannot accept responsibility for promoting illegal activities and using personal attacks, then we will remove the responsibility from you, as it states in the policies.

    Hopefully you will be well wherever you go.
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