Hi all,

I recently set up a headless ubuntu server (ubuntu server 9.10). As well as many other things i would like to use it as a printer server. Being a headless machine, i would like to configure cups using the webui from another computer on the lan. However when i browse to http://server:631/ i get a 403 forbiden error.

I install cups on the server (Ubuntu server 9.10)
configured cupsd.conf as per https://help.ubuntu.com/9.10/serverguide/C/cups.html
browsed to it from a ubuntu 9.04 machine using firefox on the same lan and got an 403 forbiden error.

I also tried adding the local account on the server to the lpadmin group

sudo usermod -aG lpadmin username

but that made no difference. I do not get prompted for a username/password at all when i try to get the webui up.

Am i missing anything? Can some shed any light on how i might resolve this issue?