Yesterday, I was trying to connect my 5.1 speakers to my on-board sound card, but I was connecting the rear line to the wrong jack since I was having hard time seeing which jack was for that. I tested everything using my windows Vista speakers test and realized that everything was working except the rear speakers. Then I took out my case and found the right jack and connected the rear line to it. Then when I tried to test it, none of the speakers made any sound. I tried to play some songs and movies on Vista without any success. Then I switched to my Arch Linux, and noticed I had no sound there, either. I connected my headphone to my computer and didn't hear anything on it on both operating systems.

Just to make sure if there's nothing wrong with my speakers, I connected them to my laptop and noticed they were working.

I am almost sure that my sound card is broken. I was wondering what sound card do you recommend me get so that I can get a decent sound from my Logitec X-540 5.1 speakers? I'm looking for something economy. Don't want it to be more expensive than my speakers.

Thanks in advance.