Hello everyone I'm really enjoying linux and everything I even deleted my windows partition. The problem with linux I also tend to come across is compatibility or getting things to work. Like at first I could not get my speakers to work in 9.04 but when I updated to 9.10 my speakers worked so that's good.

My problem this time around still involves audio: It is to get my logitec headset to work with my ubuntu 9.10. I've tried pulse audio and some other programs however I do see the headset under input sources or anything. What I am trying to do with my headset is doing screen capture with me narrating over the screen. I did that all the time in windows so I would like to do it here.

I know ubuntu "sees" the microphone because if I open up the sound preferences or pulseaudio if I blow into the microphone I can here it coming it out of my speakers I don't know why but it does. I was tweaking the settings in pulse audio and I saw mic boost and I though maybe that it the problem however it just makes it when I blow or talk into the microphone when I am in sound preferences or pulse-audio it makes it very loud.

To summerize I am trying to get so i can record with a program that records screen with audio like Xvidcap screen capture program so I can make youtube video tutorials please help ill be looking back thanks for all of your help ubuntu community.

PS. Go open source or go commit suicide thats my motto you should follow it tehehehe