I just got a Epson Stylus NX215 printer/scanner.

Using Unbuntu 9.10 64bit.

The default CUPS+Gutenprint v5.2.4 does not have support for this printer but the new Gutenprint v5.2.5 claims to have added support for the NX215. So I downloaded the source installed the required development packages then built and installed the new Gutenprint (configure, gmake, gmake install). That all went well but when I try and print it still just spits out paper with nothing or small amounts of garbage on the page. The OS does detect the printer and automatically select the NX215 driver after the Gutenprint v5.2.5 install.

Anyone had any success with the NX215 or can spot any process I missed to get the new Gutenprint installed correctly?

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.