Hi guys, after trial and error, got Java working and Eclipse nearly 100% behaving. I'm using the Gnome desktop, I have 2 issues, I'm hoping someone has seen this stuff.

1. Eclipse has to be run as root. I'd like open Eclipse from the panel launcher button. Right now I have "/home/user1/Downloads/eclipse/eclipse" in the "Command" field when I right click > properties on my Eclipse button. Anyone know what I can put in the "Command" field to launch Eclipse as root user?

2. In Eclipse, I'm experiencing unexpected results when I mouse click on certain buttons. For example I want to create a new project. File > New Java Project. I enter "test" as the project name, when I click the "Next" button with my mouse, nothing happens. The "N" is underlined and I'm able to proceed to the next step with ALT+N on the keyboard. I was wondering if anyone had encountered the same problem? I'd like if clicking on that "Next" button with my mouse would work. Any ideas?

Thanks for looking,
Casey Wise