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Thread: Volume too low with HP m9040n on Ubuntu 9.10

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    Cool Volume too low with HP m9040n on Ubuntu 9.10

    I have a new HP m9040n PC that I just installed Ubuntu 9.10 on. Everything works great except for the sound works but does not let me turn it up loud enough to listen at a comfortable level. With the sound maxed out it is still not loud enough. I have checked all the settings and everything is maxed out and ran alsamixer and still no luck. Under the sound preferences it has where I can go past 100% but it just distorts at that point. I also checked the level per application and they are all maxed out. I have even put in another audio card to test and still have the same exact problem. I am using the same speakers I was using with my old PC (running Ubuntu 9.10 as well and the sound was great).

    Any help would be greatly appreciated with this minor annoyance.

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    Re: Volume too low with HP m9040n on Ubuntu 9.10

    mmpf. The internal speakers on my HP Pavillion dv6 laptop work fine, and so do the headphones. The problem is when i try to use the external speakers from and old cd player that broke. i take each speaker and plug it into a headphone jack (i have 2 jacks). I did all the alsa stuff and nothing works. Could it be that the speakers only work correctly w/ the CD player that it came with? Help plz. Thx!

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