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Thread: Can't Sync Treo 700p via USB

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    Can't Sync Treo 700p via USB

    Using jpilot, I have been able to hotsynch my Treo 700p previously, but now when I try to hotsynch and press the hotsynch button on the cable (both before and after pressing hotsynch in jpilot), after a minute or so I get the message:

    "The connection between your handheld computer and the desktop could not be established. Please check your setup and try again."

    I have looked at all the options in jpilot, particularly preferences, and everything looks ok to me, but clearly my computer isn't seeing the Treo. The only thing that might be different from my last hotsynch (weeks ago) is periodic updates of Ubunutu 9.04.

    (It is possible that my last hotsynch was done under 8.10, and after upgrading to 9.04 I installed jpilot again but didn't synch afterwards.)

    How do I overcome this problem? Thanks.

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    Re: Can't Sync Treo 700p via USB

    Am I in the wrong forum?


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