I need help. I was told that Linux was a more stable computer, and I enjoyed what it stood for. But I'm not a computer programmer and I've been unable to get help for the issues that I have and I don't know what to do.

1. Dwell Click randomly stops working. I shut it down, log off it doesn't start off. Then randomly one day I start it up and it is working again.

2. Freezing. I get this error sometimes where it says it can't unpack just started happening yesterday. But the whole screen has been freezing as soon as I get up and walk away. I haven't installed anything in the past few days for this to happen, sometimes I can do ctrl+alt+f1, but other times I can't. And I don't know how to fix it, and I need to do my work so having to restart regularly has become frustrating.

And finding help has been very difficult, does anyone know what I can do. What FAQs answer this problem, what books to read, because I'm an average desktop user whose stumped. I like the potential of Linux but I don't even know how to make that happen when I am struggling with all these 'newbie' problems!

Please help.