So I just built a new comp, I bought an intel DG41TY motherboard coupled with an intel Core 2
Quad processor, a new Ultra 500 Watt ATX power supply, 2 matching Corsier 2gig DDR2 800mhz PC6400 RAM, A Hitachi 3.5 inch SATA 500GB internal HDD. I put it all together, hit power button, and the power supply fan and the heatsink fan spun for a split second then stopped.I push the power button again and nothing. I am able to repeat that process by unplugging comp cable and turning power supply off then on. I dont know what to do, as far as I know all the parts should match, and they are brand new. Was planning on installing Ubuntu, but have not even gotten that far. Reeeaaallly bummed,this is the first build I have done in like 5 years. Any suggestions or help is really appreciated.