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Thread: externel kernel module compilation

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    externel kernel module compilation

    hi all !
    i'm totally new to programming in linux, and i begin with driver programming.

    i have ubuntu 9.04.
    i made my first module
    exactly as in this tutorial

    i've read the makefile i've somewhat understood it.

    i made makefile and the source code hello.c then go to the directory and type make
    it gives me make:nothing can be done for 'all'
    i've read in some tutorials that i need linux kernel headers but i could'n download them
    and i think ubuntu doesn't need it because it knew the make command.
    so please tell me what the exact procedure to do.

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    Re: externel kernel module compilation

    Hi bonyshine,

    Try this and tell me if you got something working. Try first the simple recipe from Martin Pitt!


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