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Thread: epson GT-S50 scanner and drivers

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    epson GT-S50 scanner and drivers

    Looking over the sane project for the epson GT-S50 scanner
    I see it lists requires DFSG non-free esci-interpreter-gt-s80

    Does anybody know if one is writing their own scripts with bash
    and scanimage if that requirement of DFSG is still required
    under ubuntu (Karmic or lucid)????

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    Re: epson GT-S50 scanner and drivers


    Try going to the "Avasys" site and getting Imagescan for your printer (its for Epsons) look for a "deb" package (probably called Iscan and way down the downloads page) this is the easiest one to install, using Gdebi, needs a reboot to start properly.

    Regards, Ellgor.

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    Re: epson GT-S50 scanner and drivers

    Okay bought the scanner installed the three deb packages from the third party site. Plugged in the scanner and hooked up the USB. Nothing. Shut down computer and nothingLShut down and then turned on scanner and nothing. Even changed the USB port.

    I am using 10.04 LTS on a 32-bit machine (HP Pavillion dv7-4171



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