I have Ubuntu 9.10, and a Dell SK-8135 USB Keyboard. When I press certain keys, all sound will stop, the screen will go black for a second or so, and then it will go to the login screen. Initially, during the period of black, it would show like a fullscreen console, with jacob@jacob-desktop$ and stuff, but now it just flashes black. This is really, really annoying, as I am used to adjusting the volume with the volume knob, playing and pausing music, and such, so every once in a while I will use one of the keys without thinking.

The specific keys that trigger this are highlighted in blue on this picture here:

I think it is either crashing or restarting X.

Does anybody have any ideas as to how I would be able to stop this behavior, and even perhaps get it working how it should be? I've tried System/Preferences/Keyboard Bindings, but when I try to set the key bindings, it just restarts X :/

Any help is appreciated.