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Thread: Need advice on motherboard and GPu compatibility

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    Re: Need advice on motherboard and GPu compatibility

    hmm i found thisreply online to a similar quesiton:
    All Athlons were until a few months ago named on a power rating, not actual CPU speed rating. Since you didn't tell me the exact type of your processor i believe that it's the actual , normal speed of your CPU. But if it isn't then it's underclocked. To verify that go in the BIOS and see if the FSB is the correct value - 133MHz - sometimes it's at the default value of 100MHz. This can be changed from 2 locations:
    1 - the JP4 jumper on the motherboard - 2-3 corresponds to 133MHz (of course you should change it only with the pc is disconnected from the mains)
    2 - in BIOS go to Frequency/Voltage Control - CPU Host Clock and set it to 133.
    The thing is that
    Frequency/Voltage Control - CPU Host Clock
    is indeed set on default. I found the manual for the mobo, and it says that this funciton is used for overclocking the CPU.But is it safe to just increase it to a higher value?

    I am also trying to find a newwer version of bios. maybe it would be a good idea to upgrade it first before attempting to increase the frequency.

    EDIT: The mainboard model is Matsonic MS8137C+ with a VIA KT266A Chipset Socket A.
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