First off, I have a Gateway MD2614U running Mint 8. But the problem happened with 9.10, Also. I'm using the proprietary driver. But it does it with the open source one, Too. Also whether or not I'm using Compiz, A custom theme, Or a Dock.

When ever I lock the screen. Enter my password to unlock it. Reboot. The graphics mess up. And the only way I can fix it is to reinstall. I think it does it when I hard reboot, Also.

For example, One time when i turned it on and it went to the LM Leaf Logo. Underneath the logo was a green rectangle(Not the color green, Green as in part of the logo itself).

Another example:When it's loading the login box. You know with those two dots moving around. Once it's done spinning I get a black box behind them. It also does that after I have logged in. Before I get to the Desktop.

Am I the only one having this problem?

From what I heard on it's AMD/ATI's fault. Is there any fixes?. I can go back to using the OS driver if I need to.