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Thread: How come I don't have SYNAPTICS driver?!

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    Question How come I don't have SYNAPTICS driver?!


    my problems with laptop's touchpad started a few months ago when I first installed Ubuntu 9.04 because I couldn't get vertical scroll to work. I remember when I previously installed OpenSUSE the touchpad worked like it should out-of-the-box but only for some hours. Then I don't know what happened and vertical scroll won't work anymore.

    Now with 9.10 I still can't configure it. synclient -l gives me "Couldn't find synaptics properties. No synaptics driver loaded?".
    On windows XP I had to install something like ALPS touch pointing device.

    Another problem is this: everytime I start Ubuntu and tap and hold touchpad for the first time and move my finger the mouse goes plain crazy - clicking everywhere on the desktop, moving very fast. When I release the finger and tap again everything is normal. This isn't such a big concern for me but I thought I would mention it.

    The thing I really want is vertical scroll - can someone help me get it working?

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    Re: How come I don't have SYNAPTICS driver?!

    if you have to install an ALPS driver in XP then you have an ALPS touchpad, not a synaptics touchpad.

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