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Thread: Lexmark X6675 working!!!!

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    Lexmark X6675 working!!!!

    Lexmark have a driver chek out next link my is working now!!!

    Note: Just usb connection now! Wonderfull!!!

    How to install
    $:/sudo intal.....
    pass:// my pass

    next next next ...


    File Information

    Title: Linux driver for Debian Package Manager based distros
    File Name Download File

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    Download Now
    Back To Downloads Estimated Download Times

    DialupDSLCableLAN 00:54:4300:02:5900:00:3500:00:17 Version


    File Size

    1.0.403/04/201022.45 MB Operating Systems

    Ubuntu 9.04, Ubuntu 9.10, Ubuntu 10.04 Data Stream

    Lexmark Host Based Solution Languages

    English Release Notes

    Linux Driver for Lexmark for X5070 Series, X7600 Series, X6600 Series, X5600 Series, Z2400 Series, X4900 Series, X4600 Series, X3600 Series for Linux OS.

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    Re: Lexmark X6675 working!!!!


    I'm trying to get my X6675 working but am quite new to Ubuntu. I keep having a dialog box appear asking for my root password but I've never set one. I noticed that the commands you listed were different from others I've seen but they also appear to be abbreviated. Is the text you listed all that's necessary to install the application?

    BTW, are you able to print wirelessly? Looking at the Lexmark web site that appears to be an option. I cannot tell as I still am tryingn to get past the intallation issue.

    Any help you might be able to offer would be most appreciated!



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    Re: Lexmark X6675 working!!!!

    To set up a root password you have to enable the root user. Do this with 'sudo passwd root' on the console. Then you can supply this password to complete the installation.
    I also thought the installation included wireless (as stated on the driver site),but this doesn't seem to be the case (unless I missed something). Sigh...

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    Re: Lexmark X6675 working!!!!

    Message deleted because I found answer on
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