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Thread: Setting up Network and DSL

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    Setting up Network and DSL

    Hi everyone,

    So this problem of mine is a general problem for 1st timers to ubuntu.

    I have searched the forums to assist me with this topic, but to no avail, nothing I found seems to help me.

    My problem :

    I cannot be connected to my network and DSL connection at the same time.

    When connecting my computer on a normal windows network, 1st I set the NIC to my network address, netmask and gateway. This secures the connection on my "Home" network. I then set my router to a Bridged connection. Then I would create a dail-up DSL connection where I insert my Username and Pass that I received from my ISP.

    End result is that I connect.

    For Ubuntu I am not having any joy. 1stly when I open Network Connections, I see that there is a Auto Wired Connection. I tick the dail. It connects with no problem. I setup a DSL connection, with specified address, netmask and gateway.

    When I click on it to connect, I loose connection to the network.

    Which to me is wrong, as I would like to be connected and on the net at the same time.

    I have tried the PPPoEConf command in terminal to setup the DSL connection and I setup my NIC address, netmask and gateway. I used the sudo vi /etc/*/interfaces/ to set this via terminal.

    I am not able to connect to the internet at all. And I loose connection to my network when I click on the DSL connection.

    Untunu 9.10

    Please help.


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    Re: Setting up Network and DSL

    I then set my router to a Bridged connection.
    Maybe I am missing something here; if I am, please help me understand. If you set the router to provide the user name and password to the DSL modem and connect your computer without PPPoE, aren't all the computers that are also connected to the router available, as well as the internet? Or, are you trying to have two connections; one to the internet and a second one to a LAN on a separate network/router?

    If the latter is the case, it can be done with manual configuration, but I don't believe Network Manager will do so.

    Please help me understand your setup better.

    In my system, where the router provides the DSL user/password, everybody is connected to the router, everybody (assuming they are not on some DENY list) sees everybody and everybody sees the internet.
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    Re: Setting up Network and DSL

    My router is acting like a hub between 2 computers. The router is not setup to always be connected to the internet, it is a bridged setup so me and my m8 can connect to the internet with our individual Internet accounts.

    In windows I just create a normal dial-up connection with my DSL username and password, as I am already connected to my router.

    Router IP range - Router ip is set to

    My computer

    In short. I want to be connected to my network 24/7 without having to connect to it manually. And if I want to connect to the internet I would use the Connect to DSL Connection(Similar to Windows Dail-up connection)

    Thanks for the reply.

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    Re: Setting up Network and DSL

    So I have played around some more and still nothing. What I have noticed now is, that when I want to setup a static IP for my NIC, that I cannot do so.

    When going to Administration and then going to Networking, then I do not see an option for Networking.

    And it is at networking where I want to assign the Static IP for my NIC.

    Can anyone tell me how to find this in Ubuntu 9.10.

    I have tried again to set the Static IP for my NIC with

    sudo vi /etc/networking/interfaces

    This however only creates a Wired Connection which I have to click on to connect.

    Please Halp!


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