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Thread: Laptop Hardware for VirtualBox and case recomendations

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    Laptop Hardware for VirtualBox and case recomendations

    I am currently looking for a laptop for my dad. The plan is to install Ubuntu on it. However, he likes to play poker during his travels so Virtualbox will be necessary. I know there is wine, however we have had much better success (flawless operation) with Virtualbox.

    It will have 4GB of ram.

    My main concerns are the videocard. I believe that virtualbox does not even use the videocard of the computer, so I don't see any reason to purchase a more expensive and power hungry dedicated videocard over the integrated videocard. This computer will only be used for mozilla firefox, maybe some videos/music and virtualbox /w fulltilt poker software.

    Is this true, does the videocard not influence virtualbox behavior?

    My other concern with the video card was that the dedicated cards at dell all seem to be ATI. I know things are better now, although I have always went with Nvidia cards on my desktop builds because they work so well with Ubuntu. I am assuming the integrated intel will work just fine. But I'm scared to go with ATI dedicated.

    How much does the CPU play into this? I have ran virtualbox (XP) with 4GB of ram and a 2.2Ghz Core 2 duo just fine in the past. Is it worth it to look at a Core I7, or I5? I even noticed some of the dell's had I3's... Hadn't heard of that.

    Furthermore, I was mostly looking at dell studio 15's and 16's. I like there case. If you have any experience or ideas in regards to what laptops (dell or other brands) have nice cases please let me know! Apple's Macs win here, but were not buying a Mac. Something light weight, small dimensions (we are definitely getting a 15.6" screen) and sturdy/durable is what were looking for. He travels around a lot and this is a priority.

    I know this is kind of scrambled but any input would be appreciated!

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    Re: Laptop Hardware for VirtualBox and case recomendations

    For any modern computer to run the stuff you list, the key item is memory -- and you've nailed it.

    I have heard that Linux drivers for the video built-in to the Intel I3 are not yet available, and probably won't be ready this year. You might want to spend a little time Googling this before selecting an I3.

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