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Thread: APE + CUE to Mp3 HELP!

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    APE + CUE to Mp3 HELP!

    For the life of me I cannot figure out how to split an APE+CUE files and convert them to Mp3.

    I have sound converter already installed and I think I installed cuetools and shntools. But after that I'm just banging my head against the wall. I have tried various things that have not worked and I think I am missing one or more key steps.

    I am a ubuntu newbie and I need a 'dummies' step by step guide. Can anyone help me out or direct me to one? Or is there any free, easy software that anyone can recommend?

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    Re: APE + CUE to Mp3 HELP!

    Can you convert to FLAC first? If so, then you can use this:

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    Re: APE + CUE to Mp3 HELP!

    Hi, maybe I can help.

    Here the solution I got:
    Fist convert .ape file to mp3 using 'Sound Converter'.
    Then you need to split the resulting single mp3 to separate mp3 song files.
    I'm using mp3splt-gtk (it's in the repositories).
    Mp3splt can load the CUE file of Monkey's audio folder and then create MP3 file for each song.

    That's all.
    Wait it can help.

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    Re: APE + CUE to Mp3 HELP!

    nice piece of software called flacon will do split an ape cuesheet to mp3 for you easy to use

    in your synaptic
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