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Thread: nVidia vs ATI graphics on Linux?

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    nVidia vs ATI graphics on Linux?

    I want to get a new laptop with a decent graphics card. I don't care that nVidia's drivers are closed source as long as they're good. I've heard that ATI drivers are buggier and I was wondering which card would be best. I have options like GT 240M, GT 320M, Radeon HD 4670. In theory I think 4670 is fastest, but if it is going to cause computer bugs it's not what I want. So my question is... Am I going to have a stable system with an ATI graphics card, and will I be able to run games under WINE with an ATI card as well as with an nVidia card?

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    Re: nVidia vs ATI graphics on Linux?

    I have always had better luck with nvidia. last year I decided to give ATI another try on 3 or 4 boxes, and while it is much improved, ati is still a major pita.
    I would go with nvidia but check compatibility info on your specific series, or if possible the specific card. for instance, the geforce 82-8500 cards have minor incompabilities with the drivers needed for tv outs (overscan control is not provided). i rather wish i had known that before purchasing.
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