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Thread: Fix input/output error or find correct webcam driver for icecam2?

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    [fixed] Fix input/output error or find correct webcam driver for icecam2?

    I have an icecam2 webcam (ID 0ac8:3420) (Sirius USB 2.0 camera). I run Ubuntu 9.10.

    When I plug it in, /var/log/messages shows that uvcvideo has been loaded and has found a uvc 1.00 device.

    When I run luvcview, I get the following error message:

    SDL information:
    Video driver: x11
    A window manager is available
    Device information:
    Device path: /dev/video0
    Stream settings:
    Frame format: YUYV (MJPG is not supported by device)
    Frame size: 352x288 (requested size 640x480 is not supported by device)
    Frame rate: 5/1 fps (requested frame rate 30 fps is not supported by device)
    Unable to start capture: Input/output error
    Error grabbing
    Cleanup done. Exiting ...

    I have two questions.

    1) Apparently, the webcam is being detected. Some communication must be taking place since the computer knows the device's resolution. How do I fix the input/output error? I've tried setting the permissions for /dev/video0 to 777.

    2) Most of what I've found via google suggests the gspca driver for this webcam. lsmod | grep gspca shows nothing, so I do not have it loaded. My question is: which gspca driver would I load?

    ls of the appropriate kernel driver directory shows:
    gspca_conex.ko gspca_pac207.ko gspca_spca506.ko gspca_tv8532.ko
    gspca_etoms.ko gspca_pac7311.ko gspca_spca508.ko gspca_vc032x.ko
    gspca_finepix.ko gspca_sn9c20x.ko gspca_spca561.ko gspca_zc3xx.ko
    gspca_main.ko gspca_sonixb.ko gspca_sq905c.ko m5602
    gspca_mars.ko gspca_sonixj.ko gspca_sq905.ko stv06xx
    gspca_mr97310a.ko gspca_spca500.ko gspca_stk014.ko
    gspca_ov519.ko gspca_spca501.ko gspca_sunplus.ko
    gspca_ov534.ko gspca_spca505.ko gspca_t613.ko

    As far as I can tell, there is no "main" driver. How do I determine which one applies to my webcam?

    Thanks in advance

    (BTW, I've already seen the ubuntu webcam page. It hasn't helped.)
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