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Thread: Hotkeys not working on Philco PHN 10103 netbook

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    Hotkeys not working on Philco PHN 10103 netbook

    I bought a Philco PHN 10103 netbook and got everything to work, but the hotkeys.
    It is recognized by the asus-laptop module, and I say in the windows drivers from the support page (download at that it is an ATK0100, which, according to acpi_asus manpage ( is supported.

    However, none of the hotkeys are working, and, for example, cat /proc/acpi/video/IGD/LCD/brightness yields <not supported>. It's clear that the hardware is not being correctly supported by the module.

    Does anyone knows how to make it work? I'm attaching the results of lshw, and lspci -vv.

    [EDIT]: I forgot to mention I'm using lucid netbook remix beta.

    Thanks a lot.
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    Re: Hotkeys not working on Philco PHN 10103 netbook

    bumping this, I'm still trying to figure this out. I also have the asus laptop module on mine. For me, it's the keyboard backlight (up and down, and off), and monitor brightness.

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