My myth box decided to break itself two days ago, after I removed a nvidia driver, it then decided that mythtv was no longer necessary because of said driver was removed. I have no idea what broke my myth box, but I figured it was time for a wipe and reload.

I have an Asus 7133TV-FM and HVR-1600 in my myth box.
Before the my pvr broke itself, I had 9.10 running and I had closed captions on my ASUS 7133 tuner in live-tv and recordings but not on my hvr1600 which was fine. After the wipe and reload I no long have the closed captions on my asus tuner.

I tried few things, like manually set the tuner in modprobe.d but nothing happens.

I was wondering since 9.10 is the buggiest O/S and myth 0.22 which is nice but broken all over, I'm wondering if there was an option I've overlooked. I've checked playback OSD and enabled CC on all the time, and in Capture cards I have set vbi to /dev/vbi0, it uses the V4L encoders.

Is there anywhere else to look or anyway to test it?

I've had CC since my first install of mythbuntu 8.04.

Any help is APPRECIATED!