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Thread: HP LaserJet p1505n prints really W I D E....

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    HP LaserJet p1505n prints really W I D E....

    I have just installed a HP p1505n printer on my office network. All works fine for printing from various apps, like openoffice. The problem comes when printing from a pipe, as in "ls|lp". In that case, the print comes our very wide, about 5 cpi. If I specify "ls|lp -o cpi=24", the output looks to be about 12 cpi.

    The other problem is that any name with an underscore generates a backspace when printed, giving overlapping characters.

    I am printing from Ubuntu 9.10, using the hpijs pcl3 driver, though using one of the alternative drivers did not fix this.

    Any ideas?

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    Re: HP LaserJet p1505n prints really W I D E....

    I had the same issues with text-printing on some CentOS boxes. More or less, there are issues, often known-issues, with some of the text to postscript filters. It's almost definately a filter issue. Check the filters being used in /etc/cups/mime.convs, then head over to, and search through their forums there. Very knowledgeable folks, and they can help you fix the filter-issue.

    If you don't want to mess about with your filters, you can always use enscript, which is an older text to post-script filter, meant to be run on the command line.

    enscript -d LaserPrinter test.txt

    Good luck!

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