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Thread: Won't wake from suspend/hibernate

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    Won't wake from suspend/hibernate

    I have 9.10 installed on a Compaq Presario C700. My computer will wake up from a suspended state 1 time normally, but the second time it will not wake up at all, and I have to force the computer to restart. I'm wondering how to fix this. Any ideas about how to address this problem?

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    Re: Won't wake from suspend/hibernate

    I am new to Linux and I am having the same problem, however my screen is displayed but my keyboard is unresponsive.I just end up restarting my computer. At the moment I have it set to blank screen when I close the lid. I've looked around for a possible solution but no luck :/

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    Re: Won't wake from suspend/hibernate

    this is pretty late, but i've had the same problem since i started using jaunty last summer. i also have a presario c700


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