I have an Acer Aspire 5738. I was with battery capacity of 6%, so I opened the sealed battery (with much effort) and changed the 6 cells with brand new ones of the same time (Lithium Ion) , that holds a grater capacity (almost 800 mAh more per cell). I glued and taped it back and it works for almost 6 hours (original new one original was 4 hours).

But now the statistics are terribly wrong. It charges but says that is always low until is fully charged, it jumps from like 8% to 100%. When the charger is unplugged it stays in more then 90% until the notebook just turn off (like removing the battery while its on) and no battery is left. Charger plugged and ubuntu running, says now its 1%.
The battery statistics says the rate also, this one is correct, and it goes high when charging a discharged battery, and lowers as it getting charged. I can estimate when is almost charged by looking at the rate.

I dont know if the BIOS hold some kind of battery profile, or the battery chip is messing all around since the new battery cells are more powerful.
Does someone ever did this? Idea of fixing this?