My problem is that, after an upgrade (or update, can't remember, the upgrade/update was for 4 files/packages/applications. I actually think it was a Kernel upgrade) a window popped up and told me I had to reboot, of course I clicked "reboot now" (as in My mind I was thinking "it doesn't matter, ubuntu reboots quite fast")
But after noticing that in the reboot this appeared "hd0,0: no ..." (can't remember what it was the "no"about, I think it was something about no software) after that the GNU GRUB 1.97~beta comes up, (to be honest I can't remember what did I typed or if I pressed enter or anything... ) but it appeared: "no Operating system found" .... (?)

I posted a reply HERE but I got no answer, that's why I'm posting this new thread; if this new thread is on the wrong place, or if its already answered (please not in the same thread I replied before) please erase this thread or close it and if you can PM me the thread where it's solved

Or please tell me the truth, if you think I should re-install it (I use wubi , I read somewhere that it's not so good to install it that way, is that truth? if it is, please reply/PM me how to XD ) but yeah, tell me if I should consider re-installing it :'(

Thanks in advace

PS: UBUNTU ROCKS !!! (except for this bug XD )