I have an odd printing problem. I just installed Ubuntu 9.10 64-bit, and installed the default driver for my Canon iP4200 printer. I've used this printer without any trouble for years...and when I print a test page from the Printer Configuration in ubuntu it works fine.

However when I print from anywhere else (Firefox, Document Viewer, gEdit) the printer jerks the paper in from the upright paper stand extremely forcefully. It yanks it in so hard that sometimes it jerks the paper crooked and shreds up one side of the paper.

It's such a forceful jerk that it sounds hard enough to break internal components of the printer, and I'm worried that continuing to use it like that will cause it to break in the very near future (as well as the fact that many of the pages come out destroyed).

I can return to the Printer Configuration and print test pages, which gently starts the paper feed rollers, and smoothly pulls paper in.

Has anyone run across a problem like this, or seen any way to correct it?