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Thread: Ubuntu on Asus UL50V

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    Ubuntu on Asus UL50V

    Hi all,
    Has anyone been able to successfully install Ubuntu on an Asus UL50V?? Thanks.

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    Re: Ubuntu on Asus UL50V


    I'm working on ASUS UL50A with ubuntu 9.10
    Ubuntu has detected wifi, BT, Sound, Native ScreenRes.

    The only problem is with the Fan. It is running all the time while on windows it was running only when needed.

    I have installed 'sensors' and the output is :

    marcin@marcin-laptop:~$ sensors
    Adapter: Virtual device
    temp1: +54.0°C (crit = +93.0°C)

    Is it possible to control fan ?

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    Re: Ubuntu on Asus UL50V

    On ubuntu max battery life if about 7-8 hours while on windows 7 it is 10 hours
    (with wifi)

    Is it possible to reach 10h on ubuntu ? What should I do ?


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