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Thread: Finding md5sums

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    Exclamation Finding md5sums

    Why is it always such a PITA to find a list of md5sums for the various versions of Ubuntu.

    I've just downloaded 9.10 from, but it took me longer to track down the md5sums than it did to download 690Mb on a cable connection.

    A simple link on each of the many pages from which you can download Ubuntu is surely not too much to ask. And it's not a new problem. I remember having the same problem going back to at least 8.04, if not earlier.

    For those others looking for the link, here is one

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    Re: Finding md5sums

    Hi and welcome to the forums,

    Yeah, I guess they could be more prominently advertised.

    The whole dang set is over here -->

    If you go via you also get how to check the iso on various operating systems.



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