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Thread: Uninstalling Gnome-Keyring Killed Vital Packages

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    Question Uninstalling Gnome-Keyring Killed Vital Packages

    I got my room-mate to switch to Ubuntu a while back, and he loves it, but he hated the Keyring. So, logically, he tried uninstalling the Keyring package (gnome-keyring). Of course, this also uninstalled some other vital packages. According to my Ubuntu box, this is what would be uninstalled from my system if I did what he did (forgive me if there are unrelated packages in there):

    • apturl
    • checkbox-gtk
    • gdebi
    • gksu
    • gnome-codec-install
    • network-manager-gnome
    • software-properties-gtk
    • ubufox
    • update-manager
    • update-notifier

    As you may have noticed, he killed his network manager, which means he now has no internet to reinstall the missing packages. He also killed gdebi, which means I can't just install the network manager via a stand-alone .deb package.


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    Re: Uninstalling Gnome-Keyring Killed Vital Packages

    I'm not even sure you can do this without the Gnome-Keyring but here goes.

    If you have a wired connection you could setup a basic connection like this
    Open a terminal
    Applications > Accessories > Terminal
    and run
    I see gksu was removed so have to try sudo or maybe without the sudo part at all
    sudo gedit /etc/network/interfaces
    Put this in it, the first part should already be there so just add the second part which is in bold
    auto lo
    iface lo inet loopback

    auto eth0
    iface eth0 inet dhcp
    Save and close it.

    While you wont have a network manager applet to show you it's connected it should connect.
    Try going somewhere or running
    sudo apt-get update
    Good luck

    Once you have network manager and the network manager applet back edit the file again and remove those 2 lines but be sure NOT to remove the first 2 lines.
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    Re: Uninstalling Gnome-Keyring Killed Vital Packages

    That did the trick. Thanks!

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