I have problem using Ubuntu 9.10 to adjust my video brightness using the FN+F7 and FN+F8 and every time start up it automatically set the LCD to the brightest level. I can change the brightness with echo. And here is my cat info from the terminal.

laptop:~# cat '/proc/acpi/video/GFX0/DD03/brightness'
levels: 13 25 38 50 63 75 88 100
current: 50

I tried 3 different version of this distros and this unoffical fix but not working any as well.

I wish next kernel can add my laptop brightness fix. Thank you for ur time.
If u need more detail pls let me know.

B.T.W. I`m using a GL960+ICH8 based laptop. Really need a fix to change brightness levels.
Any help will be appreciated.
Hope we can fix this bug.